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Nevertheless, She Persisted

ArchiveHere is the C-Span link to the Senator Elizabeth Warren-Rule XIX violation from Tuesday night debate on the Sessions nomination for Attorney General.  Below are some observations and thoughts about the incident that had been reported in many places.  Many reports (here, wrong, here) seem to insinuate that Warren was cut off and not able to finish the 1986 letter, and additional male senators were allowed to read the letter without violating rule 19.    (Find a timeline of the Start of Warren’s comments to the point where she is no longer allowed to speak.)

  • Elizabeth Warren read the Coretta Scott King in its entirety. (Video mark 4:45-5:03)
  • Warren spoke for 40 minutes criticizing the nominee and putting forth the reasons that she feels he is not qualified to be the next Attorney General.  She laid into him pretty good.  McConnell (McConnell’s staff) could have pulled something-anything out of the Warren speech that occurred after the initial warning (26 minutes of Warren impugning Sessions with remarks made by King, Kennedy, and Sessions himself).
  • If the floor of the Senate cannot debate a nominee who happens to be a sitting Senator in the same way they can debate a nominee that is not a Senator; maybe this is not the body to conduct the debate in.  -or- Suspend the rule so a Senator can provide reasons in a debate without the use of the rules to silence criticism.
  • The Chair needed too much help from Senate staff to know what to say (See 5:16 in the video)
  • After the Ron Paul fiascos (2012); Republicans (and all politicians, for that matter) should learn the parliamentary rules, chamber rules, Robert’s Rules of Order, etc.  to know how to navigate the process.
  • Senators need to sit down and show up when the Senate is in session.  McConnell most likely was not in the room when the King letter was read, instead relying on staff to spoon feed him what to read.
  • I don’t know why Warren did not make a point of the fact that McConnell’s citation occurred prior to the first warning.  In my mind, you get warned and then if later statements are made in violation than you can be called on it.  But Warren was already warned on the exact language that was used to make the statement that she persisted.
Time line to video with hour:minute markers.

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Russian Hacking

email-symbol-on-laptop-screen_318-62662.jpgDid Russia “hack” the election?  Depends on your definition of “hack.”  Is it embedding malicious software into a system to control it or destroy it; or is it putting together a login with a password and downloading private/non-public information?  We suspect that governments around the world do the latter; at least the Snowden leaks went into some revelations in this area.  But usually this information stays out of public light.

The “Russian Hacking” is reported to have leaked internal emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Clinton campaign and several of their higher ups in the organization and campaigns.  The emails were released through WikiLeaks throughout the ending months of the 2016 elections.  There are no allegations that votes were altered, machines tampered with, extra votes cast, or any other direct manipulation.  The only affect would be to sway public opinion about the inner workings of individuals within an organization (I would even say that the DNC is a private organization not governmental, with members that may be seeking or holding government positions). Continue reading ‘Russian Hacking’

August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse



By Wolfgang Strickling-Eclipse 2017 Android App, Geodata from OpenStreetMap

For those that don’t want to journey to foreign lands to see a Total Solar Eclipse, but want to experience one, then this is your year.  The new moon will block out the sun and you can see it if you are in the right location.  From Oregon to South Carolina a 70 mile path of totality will arc across the continent; if you are not in the full shadow you will still see a partial solar eclipse anywhere in the lower 48 (75% obscured in Las Vegas).

From our perspective the moon will first “touch” the sun ~1 hr 15 min before totality, and then similarly, the shadow of the moon will be off the moon ~1 hr 15 min after totality; this is where direct viewing is not good- get some eclipse glasses or other means.  The totality will last from 2 min to 2 min 41 sec along the center of the path.  During the total solar eclipse the moon will block the entirety of the sun allowing the corona to become safely visible to the naked eye; this is the rare experience that many travel around the world to see.  The temperature will drop about 20 degrees F. Continue reading ‘August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse’

The Day After

Just some thoughts for the day.flag_of_the_united_states

Everyone appears to be shocked by the outcome of the election.  But here are some themes that the USA should not be surprised by.

America loves an underdog.  29% was the chance that fivethirtyeight gave for a Trump win.

Name recognition.  People knew who Trump was before he ran for the office.  He may or may not be a successful business man, but the brand is known.  His view of press was that any press was good.

Americans do not like to be told what to do.  Trump tapped this so easily; suggesting that the media is supporting the other side since the first negative story.  Any story that had a negative view of Trump was now put in a bin of distrust because the media likes the Democrats.  Any one of the Trump missteps would have sunk any campaign; here is a list from the “biased” media.

America has been divided by the two party system.  If your not on my team, then I am not supporting you.  My party can do no wrong; your party can do no right.  Republicans showed up and voted for a change after 8 years of a Democrat.  We also have the echo chambers where one can go to have our thoughts reinforced with the side of the story we believe.  Looking at you: Fox News, MSNBC, Brietbart, Huffington Post, Drudge Report, Gawker Media, etc, etc.  If you want to be informed you have to research the contrary side that is not being reported by which ever group is cherry picking facts/ideas that support their view.  Continue reading ‘The Day After’

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