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Russian Hacking

email-symbol-on-laptop-screen_318-62662.jpgDid Russia “hack” the election?  Depends on your definition of “hack.”  Is it embedding malicious software into a system to control it or destroy it; or is it putting together a login with a password and downloading private/non-public information?  We suspect that governments around the world do the latter; at least the Snowden leaks went into some revelations in this area.  But usually this information stays out of public light.

The “Russian Hacking” is reported to have leaked internal emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Clinton campaign and several of their higher ups in the organization and campaigns.  The emails were released through WikiLeaks throughout the ending months of the 2016 elections.  There are no allegations that votes were altered, machines tampered with, extra votes cast, or any other direct manipulation.  The only affect would be to sway public opinion about the inner workings of individuals within an organization (I would even say that the DNC is a private organization not governmental, with members that may be seeking or holding government positions). Continue reading ‘Russian Hacking’


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