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Nevertheless, She Persisted

ArchiveHere is the C-Span link to the Senator Elizabeth Warren-Rule XIX violation from Tuesday night debate on the Sessions nomination for Attorney General.  Below are some observations and thoughts about the incident that had been reported in many places.  Many reports (here, wrong, here) seem to insinuate that Warren was cut off and not able to finish the 1986 letter, and additional male senators were allowed to read the letter without violating rule 19.    (Find a timeline of the Start of Warren’s comments to the point where she is no longer allowed to speak.)

  • Elizabeth Warren read the Coretta Scott King in its entirety. (Video mark 4:45-5:03)
  • Warren spoke for 40 minutes criticizing the nominee and putting forth the reasons that she feels he is not qualified to be the next Attorney General.  She laid into him pretty good.  McConnell (McConnell’s staff) could have pulled something-anything out of the Warren speech that occurred after the initial warning (26 minutes of Warren impugning Sessions with remarks made by King, Kennedy, and Sessions himself).
  • If the floor of the Senate cannot debate a nominee who happens to be a sitting Senator in the same way they can debate a nominee that is not a Senator; maybe this is not the body to conduct the debate in.  -or- Suspend the rule so a Senator can provide reasons in a debate without the use of the rules to silence criticism.
  • The Chair needed too much help from Senate staff to know what to say (See 5:16 in the video)
  • After the Ron Paul fiascos (2012); Republicans (and all politicians, for that matter) should learn the parliamentary rules, chamber rules, Robert’s Rules of Order, etc.  to know how to navigate the process.
  • Senators need to sit down and show up when the Senate is in session.  McConnell most likely was not in the room when the King letter was read, instead relying on staff to spoon feed him what to read.
  • I don’t know why Warren did not make a point of the fact that McConnell’s citation occurred prior to the first warning.  In my mind, you get warned and then if later statements are made in violation than you can be called on it.  But Warren was already warned on the exact language that was used to make the statement that she persisted.
Time line to video with hour:minute markers.

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Attorney General of Nevada

The most notable campaign ad from Catherine Cortez-Masto, was a half negative/half positive message. She is the incumbent Attorney General who I had a lot of respect for.
Travis Barrick is the Republican candidate for the attorney general’s office who hasn’t had a visible advertisement this entire election cycle. I would not have even known who he was, if it wasn’t for the television commercial.

He was a convicted felon and put in jail for “harassing women” – those were the main statements of fact.

That was posted at the Las Vegas Sun website, the more liberal of the two Las Vegas papers. If any candidate could just pull a Sandoval and keep quiet, it would be one that was running against an opponent that has no money to run any television ads (except a youtube rebuttal)

Her political consultant, campaign manager, Democratic handlers, or whoever… thought it was a good idea to skew the facts and tell the misleading story and slap a less than “Attorney General”-ish picture on it.  Why?  Who talked the incumbent into bringing this attention upon herself?  Is she that afraid of conservative talk radio that she wanted to launch a pre-emptive strike?  I don’t know, I want an Attorney General that is going to look at all the facts and not play on people’s fears and lazyness.  Maybe she was persuaded to put out this message and hope voters will remember the television spot and not vote for the Republican.  The ‘I heard something bad about this candidate’ syndrome is something that we can do without. I can hope for an informed electorate.

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