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Las Vegas Events: Fall 2017

Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival: October 13-15, 2017, Sunset Park.  ren poster-2017Las Vegas’ tribute to years of yore, not confined to any specific historic time frame or geographic location, a lot to see and take in from multiple interpretations of what is medieval or placed in the renaissance category (although I can’t remember any big showing that I could categorize as Age of Enlightenment genre; mostly dark ages).  Go to the website for admission prices.

Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Festival: October 14,  2017, Lake Las Vegas.  Continue reading ‘Las Vegas Events: Fall 2017’


Honey, The Les Paul is gone…

From the corner of Harmon and Paradise.

The four story sign is being donated to the Neon Museum after standing on the corner since 1990.

For Las Vegas movie land marks, this big Gibson guitar made it’s way into at least a few iconic scenes (ok, maybe one).

The guitar in ConAir was the stratocaster on the adjacent Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

UNLV Lectures

Here are some lectures that look interesting.  (Full list of talks are at
University Forum: Human Curiosity

… a talk by Mario Livio, an internationally known astrophysicist and bestselling author. The ability to ask “why?” makes us uniquely human….

University Forum: Tumultuous Road to the Constitution

… a talk by George William Van Cleve, Research Professor in Law and History, Seattle University School of Law. For…

University Forum: I Follow the Forest Flame Bird

… A Tropical Birding Adventure a talk by Stephen G. Brown, Barrick Scholar, Professor of English, UNLV. This presentation will take…

University Forum: Desert Cathedrals
…Rhetorical Structures That Make America a talk by Adam Bateman, artist and curator. In his presentation “Desert Cathedrals:..

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Year of the Rooster, Chinese New Year

rooster-40686_960_720January 28, 2017 is the second new moon after the shortest day, Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year.

For Las Vegas here are some events:

  • Chinese New Year in the Desert  Events are listed, some free, some ticketed.  Check their schedule.  Container Park and the Linq are locations for some of the events.
  • Lion and/or Dragon Dances:

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May the Fourth

StarwarsWednesday, May the Fourth is the unofficial Official Star Wars Day.  For those not aware, a typical parting phrase from the Star Wars movies is “May the Force be with you.”  I don’t recall any letters from the movie series, so who knows if characters signed letters that way.
Anyway, since the movie phrase closely resembles the day spoken in a certain way, that day is now Star Wars Day.  Cliffs notes here.
For the Las Vegas area here are a couple events scheduled:

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May 7, 2016 – Free Comic Book Day

FCBD 2015The first Saturday of May brings Free Comic Book Day.    A day to go out and support local shops.  Each shop determines how to distribute the free comics; typically a limit of 3 per person is a normal approach.  The comics are generally samples and introductions; for the past few years only a couple publishers have submitted complete stories (albeit short form).  Stop in and support your local shops with a purchase while you’re there.

Find a participating comic book shop in your area here.

Some highlights from the comics announced include Marvel Civil War II Edition; which looks to pique interest of movie goers and expose them to the comic book universe of Marvel.FCBD Civil WarDC is thinking pretty much the same thing to promote the Suicide Squad with a likely tie in to the upcoming movie.FCBD Suicide Squad.jpgOther books include: Dr Who, Legend of Korra, Assassins Creed, Street Fighter, Sonic, Pokemon to name a few.  Enough variety for most.  And I almost forgot: Grumpy Cat has a FCBD edition.fcbd grumpy cat.jpg Continue reading ‘May 7, 2016 – Free Comic Book Day’

Parking in Downtown Las Vegas

For Las Vegas parking is usually free with one exception: Downtown.  Like most cities the downtown area has parking meters and lots with hourly/daily rates.  The Las Vegas Strip is currently free, even though MGM is getting negative feedback on their decision to start charging for parking.

lv parking.PNG

If you have to go downtown, there is a map to show you where the parking meters are located and the times of enforcement.  You can now avoid those if you choose, and walk to your destination.  Most Downtown casinos have validation policies for their parking garages, or you can use the valet (usually complimentary) and save some money by tipping for the service.