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Cab Video (12 rounds of firing)

It’s a little unclear when this video starts but it seems to have the longest continuous sound of the events that I have come across:


Shots are heard 7 times

Starts 4″ after shots in another video, 1’21”, 1’55”, 2’30”, 2’57”, 3’51”, and 5’13”

If he used 100 round magazines as some have said, then around 800 rounds sent down on the crowd. With a new volley between 27 and 82 seconds apart from the last.

The clock in the cab shows 10:13 at 4’06”, meaning, the video started around 10:09.  The lastest from LVMPD puts the shots starting at 10:05 and ending at 10:15.

UPDATE:  Here is a video that has put together several videos from the start.  12 rounds of firing, estimated 100 bullets per, estimated 1,200 shots fired over 9 minutes 14 seconds.

9″, 56″, 1’24”, 1’53”, 3’50”, 5’01”, 5’37”, 6’11”, 6’37”, 7’32”, 8’53”, 9’19”


Lunch Time in Vegas

Went for a drive at lunch today. The road was partially open as law enforcement continue their investigations, and news crews submit their remote reports.

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Las Vegas

After a gunman unloads on an audience at the Route 91 country music festival, things are slowly returning to normal.

59 deaths and over 500 injured, it is hard to comprehend how someone can make a decision to act like this.

Sitting in a room on the 32nd floor and firing indiscriminately at a crowd 400 yards away across the Las Vegas Strip. A cowardly act of manslaughter, he had no idea he would hit, just a random group of humans.  A person by all accounts was apolitical, kept to himself, gambled; he was not registered to vote in Clark County- not on the voter roles for precinct 2775. Continue reading ‘Las Vegas’


A friend of mine let me know of a pretty decent weather aggregator.

It looks like an individual pulled publicly available weather/meteorological data, forecast models and provided a killer GUI.  There now appears to be a small group assisting in the maintenance of the site.

I particularly like the barometric layer, where weather patterns can be viewed and wind intensity can be inferred (the higher the differential/distance, the stronger the wind and push for equilibrium).pressure Continue reading ‘Windy!’

2017 Total Solar Eclipse Reviews

Eye witness, age 3.

It was windy.  I saw and I was happy.  The Sun went down and came back.  Pink and purple around the horizon.

Eye witness, age 6. DSCN1060

It was good.

I took my eclipse glasses off when I couldn’t see anything through the solar filter.  The sun was Black and white.  The sky was black, it was cold and breezy.

Eye witness, age 10. Continue reading ‘2017 Total Solar Eclipse Reviews’

Photos from Idaho

Photos from the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  I made it to Idaho (path) for  2 minutes 18 seconds   of Totality.  A few hundred individuals up on a hill on a Monday morning.  Continue reading ‘Photos from Idaho’

What is a Warning for Anyway?

us_capitol_west_sideHere is a follow up to the previous post.

The Congressional Record is available for the Warren – McConnell Rule XIX hubbub.  When a warning is given- let’s use a yellow card in soccer; the action has been warned.  A different, further, second- (meaning not the first event) would have to occur for a second yellow card pulled to sit the player down.  Or better yet, if you kick your brother and are warned by your parents.  Your parents don’t typically increase your punishment 27 minutes later because you kicked your brother once.

I have highlighted the passages of when the first statement was made and when the initial warning to Senator Warren occurred: Continue reading ‘What is a Warning for Anyway?’

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