A friend of mine let me know of a pretty decent weather aggregator.

It looks like an individual pulled publicly available weather/meteorological data, forecast models and provided a killer GUI.  There now appears to be a small group assisting in the maintenance of the site.

I particularly like the barometric layer, where weather patterns can be viewed and wind intensity can be inferred (the higher the differential/distance, the stronger the wind and push for equilibrium).pressureFor those planning for weather affects like pilots (some features can be selected at specified altitudes), mariners, eclipse chasers (cloud cover), emergency managers, etc. this provides a lot of information of current conditions and some forecasting features that seem to be inline with most televised weather broadcasts.

Other layers currently available include Wind (naturally), Wind gusts, rain, temperature, dew point, clouds, low clouds, medium clouds, high clouds, cloud tops, cloud base, freezing altitude, visibility, rain accumulation, snow depth, new snow, humidity, ozone layer, CAPE index, waves, swell, swell period, wind waves, sea temperature, currents, CO concentration, dust mass, SO2 mass, and weather radar.

The forum at the site mentions a former feature of historical data; currently the site no longer stores historical data.  Who knows if that feature will come back; but if the small group can pull it off then the usefulness of the site increases for planning purposes.

Windy is also available as an APP for IOS and Android.

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