What is a Warning for Anyway?

us_capitol_west_sideHere is a follow up to the previous post.

The Congressional Record is available for the Warren – McConnell Rule XIX hubbub.  When a warning is given- let’s use a yellow card in soccer; the action has been warned.  A different, further, second- (meaning not the first event) would have to occur for a second yellow card pulled to sit the player down.  Or better yet, if you kick your brother and are warned by your parents.  Your parents don’t typically increase your punishment 27 minutes later because you kicked your brother once.

I have highlighted the passages of when the first statement was made and when the initial warning to Senator Warren occurred:cr-warningAnd then the second call on Rule XIX that used the highlighted passage above to indicate that the Senator continued after she had been warned:enforcementAnd then after the quorum calls and votes forced Senator Warren to quietly sit down; Senator King from Maine asked this pointed question on how the Senate should use Rule XIX:liarsWe will see if the Senate can invoke this rule more to curb name calling on the floor.


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