The Day After

Just some thoughts for the day.flag_of_the_united_states

Everyone appears to be shocked by the outcome of the election.  But here are some themes that the USA should not be surprised by.

America loves an underdog.  29% was the chance that fivethirtyeight gave for a Trump win.

Name recognition.  People knew who Trump was before he ran for the office.  He may or may not be a successful business man, but the brand is known.  His view of press was that any press was good.

Americans do not like to be told what to do.  Trump tapped this so easily; suggesting that the media is supporting the other side since the first negative story.  Any story that had a negative view of Trump was now put in a bin of distrust because the media likes the Democrats.  Any one of the Trump missteps would have sunk any campaign; here is a list from the “biased” media.

America has been divided by the two party system.  If your not on my team, then I am not supporting you.  My party can do no wrong; your party can do no right.  Republicans showed up and voted for a change after 8 years of a Democrat.  We also have the echo chambers where one can go to have our thoughts reinforced with the side of the story we believe.  Looking at you: Fox News, MSNBC, Brietbart, Huffington Post, Drudge Report, Gawker Media, etc, etc.  If you want to be informed you have to research the contrary side that is not being reported by which ever group is cherry picking facts/ideas that support their view. 

Americans think all politicians are corrupt, especially the party elites.  An outsider is preferable to a career politician to many in the country.  Especially if that outsider does not receive the seal of approval of any of the political elites.  He pushed through the primaries by being a recognized outsider getting 20-30% of the vote when the others were splitting the rest.  And then when the field narrowed, the consistency persuaded others that he was the leader.

America does not want to hear about specifics.  Apparently, a grand statement of Making America Great Again is enough.  Complete sentences are not even a requirement; do try to read a transcript of any interview or non-scripted address.  He will be sic’d more viciously than George W.

America has made this choice.  A business man with numerous lawsuits, multiple bankruptcies, boastful TV personality over a former US Senator, former Secretary of State, attorney.  Two candidates that are completely out of touch with the Nation.  They each have lived in a bubble; one of the political elite status and the other of wealth and privilege.  One who appealed to the common citizen with bluntness and rough edges; the other who appealed to the status quo and a continuation of the political class.

The reasons for voting are probably as diverse as this country.  These are some of the themes that I could see.





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