Nevada License Plates

Apparently there are some stories of the DMV issuing replacement license plates for the current Sunset Plates over the next 8 years (to begin in July 2016).  The “new” Sunset plates use a new manufacture process with a thinner font and a stylized state for the middle dot separator.

As I’ve said in the past, the Sunset plates that came out in 2002 were peeling within 10 years from normal wear and tear (UV, heat, etc.).  This was a complete replacement of all existing “Bighorn” plates (that were on the road for 20 years, and were readily legible).  But for this future changeout, we get to pay a $3 fee added to registration costs.

The DMV has not updated their website with the modified sunset plate.  A Wikipedia page has some information on historic dates and plates.

During the 2014 Nevada Legislative session, Assembly Bill 484 was passed that required license plates to be reissued every 8 years.  The fiscal ramifications for implementing this was placed in the DMV’s budget.  But we can do some quick calculations:

(# of license plates issued in NV) X ($ to create/process/mail a reissued plate) = ($ / 8 years)

690,124 vehicles (in 2010) X $10 /plate set (estimate-unable to find actual cost)

= $6,901,240 per 8 years

= $862,655 per year to create/process/mail reissued plates

Do we need to replace all license plates to keep them legible?  No.  Registrants are required to have their plates replaced when they become illegible:

NRS 482.285   2.  If any license plate or plates or any decal is lost, mutilated or illegible, the person to whom it was issued shall immediately make application for and obtain:      (a) A duplicate number plate or a substitute number plate;

So we have a legislature that meets once every 2 years for 120 days.  They spend time adding unneeded statutes for a condition that is already addressed in current law.  The DMV spends extra funds from their budget to reissue all state plates every 8 years, maybe someone can take those funds and find a budget that might benefit from additional funds (education, public safety, local government, etc.).


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