Part 4- The NFL and the Ideal Gas Law

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The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is asking for a neutral arbitrator; therefore, the NFL last night announced that Roger Gooddell would hear the appeal.  While Troy Vincent is the author of the letter issuing the disciplinary actions, Gooddell was at least “generally aware” of the decision to deflate suspend Tom Brady for four games.   It is unclear of how Goodell could be an arbitrator as he would have been intimately aware of facts and decisions during the process and prior to any public releases of information (even if the report was provided by Wells, a third party).

The NFLPA claims that when Goodell delegated disciplinary power to Vincent, the NFL was in error as only the Commissioner can discipline.

The NFLPA is planning to call Goodell and Vincent as witnesses in the appeal process.

NFLPA letter

Excerpts from Vincent Letters


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