Sample Ballot Question No. 2

I just received my sample ballot for the upcoming election. We have ballot questions for our consideration. And along with the ballot question, we have a small write up in favor and opposed to the ballot question. Usually they are pretty short and concise; stating the points and facts that support the two sides.
One such opinion was printed up for the county I live in.    [***Update***-> Here is a link to the distributed explanation and arguments on the ballot question ] Below are some statements included in the argument.

…CCSD wants a 28% PROPERTY TAX INCREASE over what it gets for Maintenance & Operations. That is absurd!
…When has a “temporary tax increase” ever gone away? We’ll probably see an extension in 2018.
…Worst of all, CCSD is out of touch with the community: We are hurting!
…Something is seriously wrong – we don’t believe CCSD knows how to design, build, or maintain schools properly.
…We don’t need more taxes – CCSD needs better management. Tell them so by voting “NO”.
…CCSD’s budget for the 2011-2012 school year was $3.3 billion – that’s $10,704 per student for just one year!
What are they doing with all that money? Voting “NO” on this new tax will force CCSD to spend your tax dollars more carefully.
Higher taxes hurt us as much as poor education does. Families are losing their homes. Unemployment is at record levels. Now is not the time for CCSD to tax the residents of Clark County.
THE MASSIVE BUREAUCRACY RUNNING CCSD NEEDS TO LEARN HOW TO LIVE WITHIN ITS MEANS – just as we do – and enact efficient management with significant financial and educational reforms.
Vote “NO”.

And then we have the “Rebuttal to Argument Advocating Passage”

…What has CCSD done with the billions it’s had?
…Teachers work hard and get paid little. Bureaucrats just keep getting paid a lot.
CCSD’s top money makers need to earn their money! Do whatever it takes to fix your problems, but stop begging for more money.
CCSD get your house in order:
Close bad schools. Go year-round to increase capacity. Manage the billions you have better.
Vote “NO.”

The statement was not attributed to anyone specific.  “The above argument was submitted by the Ballot Question Committee as provied for in NRS”

Like I said previously, these are usually short and concise trying to persuade voters.  While the CAPS lock version, with rhetorical questions and punctuation with exclamation points may work for a Text/blog generation,  the argument is not well received by this voter.


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