Why do things need to Change?

I know that the only constant is change… according to the cliché.  But when the majority of professional, college, highschool sports teams change their uniforms and logos, we shrug our shoulders (notable exceptions include Penn State, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox).  From a marketing stand point, the more merchandise sold of the new logo and jerseys, the more money we can make from fans who need the current apparel.

Why does the government need to do the same?

Notable re-branding that has no logical beneficial outcome:

License plates

   Big Horn Sheep Design vs New Sunset Design

Big Horn Sheep Plate           Sunset Plate

Any reason?  New license plate technology lets you print with more than one color?  More reflective for future radar gun technology?  Who knows.

Apparently all the cool States were doing it, so Nevada complied in the early oughts.  The reason given back then if I recall, The background of the Grey design was fading on the plates currently on the road, less than 20 years for the oldest ones on the road.  Ummm, Ok, fine…. wait.  There was still another plate in existence, and still is today

1982 Nevada license plate

This plate was issued until about 1982, and it was and still is a way for the locals to identify an individual (you can transfer plates to other vehicles when you sell/or junk your old car) as someone who is a long time Nevada resident.  When these plates become unreadable, worn, colorless, etc. you could and still can order a replica plate.  But if you have the old plates still readable then keep on keepin’ on.

I had to replace my perfectly good plates from 1994 with a new sunset design, and the Blue Plates were still good to go?  Why was government money spent on a new design?  Why was money spent to mail out new plates to every vehicle registered in Nevada after 1982?  What benefit did this serve the State of Nevada?  Why would the new sunset plate that I currently have on my car begin to fade and peel less than ten years after this governmental logo change?

I didn’t care at the time.  I thought it was a strange use of resources, and I still do.  But apparently the use of resources didn’t do much to prevent two color license plate designs from fading in less time.

Graphics from http://www.dmvstat.com/


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